[Chicago-talk] straw poll

Andy Lester andy at petdance.com
Thu Sep 11 08:35:33 CDT 2003

>1) are weekend afternoons (once a month) worse or better meeting times for
>you than the current scheme of Monday evenings?

Weekend afternoons would remove me entirely.

>2) would you come to perl presentations (ie, someone giving a structured
>talk, as we've been doing the last few months) once a month even if the
>atmosphere was more formal -- ie, in an office building instead of a bar,
>no beer, no food (unless someone brings chips or donuts), etc.?
>I.e., is the beer-factor *that* necessary?

Coogan's is an anti-atmosphere as far as I'm concerned.  The music, 
the smoke, etc all make for a suboptimal place.

>3) are you at *all* interested in social meetings?  That is, if we
>bothered to set up 2 meetings a month, one for "tech" (i.e., the
>semi-formal tutorial presentation), and one for "social" (in a bar, with
>anything goes) -- would you be at all interested in the latter, or would
>the former do it for you for the month?  Or vice versa?

I would have no interest in the social ones.

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