[Banking-pm] Another introduction

Billy Abbott billy at cowfish.org.uk
Fri Sep 8 06:53:38 PDT 2006

I'm another London based person, although I'm not quite a banking person. 
I work for a data and analysis tools company on the financial identifier 
and data side, using perl for data munging, validation and database 

I'm working on VMS with perl, DCL, java and C++ as well as with
occasional windows and unix systems - whatever comes our way. We have some 
nice perl based build tools as well as having perl as the default tool 
and data loading framework coding language.

We play around with quite a lot of XS to interface with all our C++ based 
data systems as well as tweaking way too many modules to be properly OS 
independant (please think of is VMS-ites next time you hardcode a / in a 

I seem to be doing more management than coding these days, but when I do 
get my hands dirty it's more often than not in perl. Apart from today, of 
course - I'm currently procrastinating rather than playing with a java web 


Look, I totally refuse to accept that I'm in denial
  Billy Abbott                     billy at cowfish dot org dot uk

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