[Banking-pm] London based member

alex at owal.co.uk alex at owal.co.uk
Fri Sep 8 07:30:28 PDT 2006

> Hi,
> as per Alex's email, thought I'd post a brief description of what I do ...
> I sit on a prop trading desk in London,

Oooh. Prop trading sounds scary to me - my mate from college was thinking
of giving it a go. (ex trader - now works for Bloomberg). Basically you
are self employed and have a massive "loan" from some third party company
so that you can do trading. Ok it isnt really a loan : the capital is
essentially the third party's - and they take a big chunk of the profits.
Presumably Martin works for one of these third parties - who is also
providing the desk, the equipment, the bloomberg feeds, etc

> and manage electronic trading
> systems  (Redibook from Goldmans, Bloomberg, Fidessa, Reuters, Eurex, GL
> etc)
> perl is used around all of these systems, to transfer data in/out of
> front,back and middle office.

I am expecting that phrase to come up a lot.

> I'm mostly Solaris based, but also use XP (with Eclipse & Epic perl -
> great)  to build Wx applications.

Solaris and Linux myself. I sit in front of a windows XP box which runs
Tomcat / Java/ Eclipse

> I'm currently working on a Fix electronic order routing project,

Ha - the number of times I've been contacted by pimps about "FIX" when all
I put on my cv was that "I fix things".


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