APM: Mascot Ideas & Voting

Thomas L. Shinnick tshinnic at prismnet.com
Fri Feb 28 13:57:11 PST 2014

At 15:36 2/28/2014, Will Braswell wrote:
>Good point Allan, we don't want to use any animals already in the 
>O'Reilly menagerie, so we shall remove the armadillo from our list!
>Thanks for checking that out.
>That leaves:
>1.  Bat (popular Austin animal)

As a class, alas, bat is also OReilly fodder.  Sendmail the flying 
fox, and Sendmail Cookbook the pippistrelle.

However, since they use different species, surely we could use 
another, the Mexican free-tailed bat, the state bat of Texas (and 
them Okies).  Those are the ones under the Congress bridge during the 
warmer months.

Wonder if they have neckbeards... ?
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