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Jack Lupton jacklupton at gmail.com
Sun Nov 10 10:22:50 PST 2013

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to learn Catalyst. I've got the books. I've got sites set up.
But, it seems really complicated.

I had this idea to create a meetup.com group for Perl Catalyst, or more
generally for Perl web frameworks including Dancer, Mojolicious and the
half-dozen others. Of course any discussion of Catalyst would include
DBIx::Class and Moose. In the process of creating the group, I got a
listing of people in the Austin area that list Perl as one of their
interests. It was a surprisingly large list, around 45.

I wonder if this is a topic that would interest anyone. Is anyone using
Catalyst? Anyone willing to make themselves available for questions? How
about teaching classes: intro, actions, database interactions, forms, etc?
 I get the feeling that most of the Austin Perl VIPs have moved on to other
things. Personally, I'm not really interested in Perl 11 or Perl 6. I
mean... I find it interesting, but I need help learning and using the
practical stuff that is in production now.

After getting through the process of creating a Meetup group, I decided it
was not something I could afford right now. Especially, if the interest
level is uncertain. If anyone else thinks there is enough interest that
could warrant creating a meetup group, I would be happy to help with it.
Otherwise, maybe there would be enough interest within this group to get
started with an investigation into Perl web frameworks.

Thanks for reading. Responses and thoughts are welcome.

Jack Lupton
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