APM: Texas Linux Fest: The 2011 Call for Papers is Open (and some personal bitching about pm.org mail policy)

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Let me start out by saying this is my third attempt at sending this to the list, filtering on the --body-- of an email should be verboten. My personal view is a sharp point boot needs to be inserted in the pm.org mail admins rectum for filtering on  my sig because it has a -hack er space . org- address in it.

Now, my original response...

---- Gabor Szabo <szabgab at gmail.com> wrote: 
> Hi,
> according to my little research Austin.pm is in light sleep mode.
> The latest thing the web site mentions is a meeting in
> December 2008 - more than 2 years ago - but the mailing list
> indicates some more activity.
> What about trying to use the opportunity of the Texas Linux Fest
> to try to increase the activity in the group?

If you're volunteering to act as primary point of contact I'd be interested in 
doing something. Not sure what :) 
As a curious historical aside, I was doing some research for the mailing lists 
I'm setting up for Confusion Research Center and ran across the following from 
shortly after Wayne, Sten, and I setting up APM when it was hosted on my domain. 
It's over 10 years old, we should have a anniversary celebration. 
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Date: Feb 20, 1999 7:13 PM 
Author: Jim Choate 
Subject: Current SSZ mailing lists 
Welcome to the Austin Perl Mongers (apm at ssz.com) 
This mailing list is for the discussion and propogation of Perl as a 
programming language. The Austin Perl Mongers have monthly meetings which 
are announced on the mailing list. 
If you have questions about APM please contact wwalker at pobox.com. 
If you have problems with apm.ssz.com contact lists at ssz.com. 
Welcome to the Cliology mailing list (cliology at ssz.com). 
Cliology is the study of history and civilizations with the goal of 
understanding them from an analytical and predictive perspective. The idea 
is that societies and human history have patterns that are mediated and 
resultant from human psychology, situational boundary conditions, and 
physical laws of nature. 
This field is very lightly studied because of the broad range of fields of 
study it requires. It is only now becoming possible to collect the necessary 
historical data, current data, and computational power to approach even the 
most simple problems. 
Should you have any problems or questions please contact lists at ssz.com. 
Welcome to Conflict Simulation of Austin (consim at ssz.com) 
This mailing list is for the discussion of wargames, rpg's, and other games 
related to conflict simulations. It is open to all. We ask that all comments 
of a personal or flame-bait nature be avoided. 
If you have any questions or problems please contact lists at ssz.com. 
Enjoy yourself! 
Welcome to the Cypherpunks Distributed Remailer (cypherpunks at ssz.com) 
The Cypherpunks mailing list discusses cryptography, economics, civil 
liberties and related topics. The discussion can range over a very large 
area and many off-topic posts are submitted. The mailing list itself 
consists of 7 hub repeaters, any of which a potential user can subscribe 
to. The mailing list has an international user base and has been in 
existance approximately 7 years. 
If you have any problems please contact lists at ssz.com. 
Welcom to the Science - Technology mailing list (sci-tech at ssz.com). 
This mailing list is for the dissimenation and discussion of science and 
technology. It consists of original dialog as well as on-topic forwards 
from other sources. Discussion of UFO's, Zero-Point Energy, etc. will be 
met with the standard conservative views of traditional science. We may 
have an open mind, but it's not so open we're going to let it slosh out 
on the floor. Participation in this mailing list is open to all but it is 
important to recognize that many topics and devices are very dangerous to 
deal with and we seldom discuss the specific safety precautions necessary 
to insure no harm to participants. The range of topics is very wide and as 
a result it is probably not appropriate for children without direct and 
immediate parental supervision. 
This is a hard science and technology focused list. The social, political, 
cultural, and economic impact of technology should NOT be discussed here. If 
you wish to delve into those topics please consider subscribing to the 
Cliology mailing list (cliology at ssz.com). 
Experimental Science Instrumentation (tesla at ssz.com), Amateur & Experimental 
Rocketry (goddard at ssz.com), Advanced Computer Experimentation (ace at ssz.com), 
and the Data Haven (dh-l at ssz.com) mailing lists have been replaced by this 
mailing list. Discussion and support of actual experiments and projects is 
strongly supported. Subscribers to these lists were NOT automaticaly 
subscribed to  this mailing list because of the change in topics. 
We do NOT provide answers for homework assignments, though we will help in 
providing discussion and references. 
Personal comments and flame-bait submissions are strongly frowned upon. 
If you have problems please contact lists at ssz.com. 
  The Armadillo Group                                         James Choate 
  SOHO & Internet Consulting and Technical Support            512-451-7087 
  Linux - Unix - Microsoft - Plan 9 - BeOS - Amiga            ravage at ssz.com 
  Cypherpunks - Cliology - ConSim - Rocketry - Robotics       www.ssz.com 
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