APM: Wiki choice?

Taylor Carpenter taylor at codecafe.com
Sat May 21 18:46:11 PDT 2005

David Bluestein II wrote:
> Okay, I need to setup a wiki for a .org to help them introduce their 
> members to each and develop some technical documentation on what they 
> want to do to upgrade their website. Any suggestions from the Perl 
> group on wikis easy to setup and easy to use? Perl based would be nice, 
> but that isn't a strict requirement.

A friend of mind uses Moin Moin all the time and the experience I have had has 
been good.  It is python based.  It seems to be fairly simple to use.

I have been using Twiki for years.  There are tons of plugins and extension 
for it.  I have set it up for use at a university and other places.  I use a 
skin called Koala Skin.  It allows organizing "webs" into catogeries with 
"tabs" to quickly navigate to them.  It also has quick edit features.  I use 
forms, the table plugin, spread sheet plugin, and several others to add useful 
features for tracking jobs and other things.  I advise using mod_perl to make 
things run faster.  Another nice new extension allows the use of webdav for 
editing pages and supports versioning, etc.

The two alternatives to Twiki I have considered are Mediawiki and Trac. 
Mediawiki is used as Wikipedia and seems very responsive.  Trac is actually a 
project management system.  It includes a CVS/subversion interface, wiki, 
issue tracking, etc.

For project tracking I would pick Trac if I did not already have such a 
extensive Twiki setup.  For a general purpose... or knowledge base wiki I 
would pick Twiki again over anything I have found except possibly Mediawiki. 
Then again having the perl core tends to tip the favor towards Twiki.


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