APM: Small job for Perl/Javascript person

Sam Foster austin.pm at sam-i-am.com
Sat Feb 12 21:24:28 PST 2005

I'd love to team up with someone on this is anyone's interested. My perl 
  is passable - probably low-intermediate level? My database skills are 
non-existant (hence my interest) but I have extensive javascript and 
web/browser gui skills.
The cash would be less important than the opportunity to work alongside 
someone doing the perl/db thing in a real-world application.


Joe Cooper wrote:
> Hi all,
> My company has a Firefox toolbar that talks to a PostgreSQL database via 
> perl cgi scripts on the server-side, and it all needs some TLC to bring 
> it up to the quality and features we'd like it to have.  We have a 
> $1k-$2k budget for the job (and I believe it is 10-20 hours worth of 
> work for a good developer, so I think we're paying reasonable rates for 
> good developers ;-), plus a lot of plans for enhancements after all of 
> the bugs are worked out and things are running smoothly, so there's a 
> lot of future work on this project and related ones for someone we can 
> count on.  (It's a pretty cool project to work on too, I think... 
> http://www.penguinfeet.org is the homepage.)
> A good part of what we'd like to do is take some of the text processing 
> that is, quite stupidly, being done on the client-side in JavaScript and 
> bring it over to the server so we can be a bit more intelligent about 
> what gets fed into our database.  But the JavaScript portion of the code 
> also needs some work to make the GUI more useable, so if you've got some 
> JavaScript experience it will come in handy.
> Anyway, holler if you're interested.
> Thanks!

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