APM: Small job for Perl/Javascript person

Joe Cooper joe at swelltech.com
Wed Feb 9 22:18:35 PST 2005

Hi all,

My company has a Firefox toolbar that talks to a PostgreSQL database via 
perl cgi scripts on the server-side, and it all needs some TLC to bring 
it up to the quality and features we'd like it to have.  We have a 
$1k-$2k budget for the job (and I believe it is 10-20 hours worth of 
work for a good developer, so I think we're paying reasonable rates for 
good developers ;-), plus a lot of plans for enhancements after all of 
the bugs are worked out and things are running smoothly, so there's a 
lot of future work on this project and related ones for someone we can 
count on.  (It's a pretty cool project to work on too, I think... 
http://www.penguinfeet.org is the homepage.)

A good part of what we'd like to do is take some of the text processing 
that is, quite stupidly, being done on the client-side in JavaScript and 
bring it over to the server so we can be a bit more intelligent about 
what gets fed into our database.  But the JavaScript portion of the code 
also needs some work to make the GUI more useable, so if you've got some 
JavaScript experience it will come in handy.

Anyway, holler if you're interested.


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