APM: Pg.pm

Tom Bakken tom.bakken at tx.usda.gov
Tue Sep 16 10:19:14 CDT 2003

I appreciate the help that Philip M and Jeremy B have been so far.  The web
server I upgraded perl on is Red Hat 6.1.  I moved the Postgres database off
this machine some time ago and have upgraded postgres to version 7.1.  I did
try to upgrade the postgres header files from RPM to version 7.1 but the
version of RPM on my Red Hat 6.1 system won't accept them.  When I run an
rpm -q on my postgres installation it shows that all the proper packages are

I think the problem may be with my environmental variables.  The pgsql_perl5
readme file says that I need an environmental variable named
POSTGRES_INCLUDE and POSTGRES_LIB to find the library libpq.so and the
include file libpq-fe.h.  I found libpg.so in /usr/lib so I set
POSTGRES_INCLUDE to /usr/lib and POSTGRES_LIB to /usr/include/pgsql for

I added root as a user with the ability to create databases in postgres and
ran perl Makefile.pl, then make.  Make still complains: Pg.xs:16:
libpg-fe.h: No such file or directory.

Philip asked if the INC-type variable should point to an include directory.
I'm not sure where to set that.

Any help is appreciated.

Tom Bakken

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