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Tue Sep 16 11:02:37 CDT 2003

On Tue, Sep 16, 2003 at 10:19:14AM -0500, Tom Bakken wrote:
> I think the problem may be with my environmental variables.  The pgsql_perl5
> readme file says that I need an environmental variable named
> POSTGRES_INCLUDE and POSTGRES_LIB to find the library libpq.so and the
> include file libpq-fe.h.  I found libpg.so in /usr/lib so I set
> POSTGRES_INCLUDE to /usr/lib and POSTGRES_LIB to /usr/include/pgsql for
> libpq-fe.h.

I'd grep for libpq-fe.h in Pg.xs and see what it asks for.  If it does

#include <libpq-fe.h>

then you need to point to the exact directory where the header file
lives.  if it does:

#include <something/libpq-fe.h>

you need the location of that "something" directory (my Debian stable
box with stock postgres packages has them in
/usr/include/postgresql/libpq-fe.h)  Odds are it's doing:

#include <postgresql/libpq-fe.h>

and I'd set POSTGRES_INCLUDE=/usr/include

Does this get any closer?


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