APM: HTTP::DAV (P. Colliins) propfind namespace

jeremy jeremyb at univista.com
Sun Aug 10 10:33:30 CDT 2003

Hi all,

  I'm writing some plugins for Exchange 2000 using HTTP::DAV by Patrick
Collins.  In the doc he states, 

"Please note that although you may set a different namespace for a
property of a resource during a set_prop, HTTP::DAV currently ignores
all XML namespaces so you will get clashes if two properties have the
same name but in different namespaces. Currently this is unavoidable but
I'm working on the solution."

,under the section explaining propfind for the this API yet the note
seems to be talking about prop_set and other proppatch actions.  I'm a
little confused now.  Can you set name spaces for propfind and if so,
how with his API?  

The name space I need is 'urn:schemas:httpmail:'
and the property is 'sendmsg'

In the code under Q2. I'd like to replace getcontentlength with
'm:sendmsg' after setting  xmlns:m='urn:schemas:httpmail:'


 I've been monkeying around with propfind and can't seem to get any
properties at all after the initial $d->credentials() and the
<D:allprop/> that appears to get executed automatically when logging in
to the server. My propfind REQUEST never seems to be sent.  Even with
DebugLevel(3) I see nothing about my propfind in /tmp/perldav_debug.txt.

Here's the code....  any ideas on why the request isn't being send?
        use HTTP::DAV;
        my $remote_server = 'http://mail.blahblah.org/exchange/';
        my $remote_username = 'joe';
        my $url = "$remote_server$remote_username";
        my $password = 'pass123';
        $d = new HTTP::DAV;
        $d->credentials( -url=>"$url",
                         -pass=>"$password" );
        $d->open( -url=>"$url" )
            or die( "Could not open $url", $d->message, "\n" );
        if ( my $r = $d->propfind( -url=>"$url", -depth=>0) ){
                print "getcontentlength ->", $r->get_property(
        "getcontentlength" ),"\n";
        Jeremy Brooks

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