APM: RE: Perl/Unix contract in Houston

Christopher Baker chris at chrisbaker.net
Wed Aug 13 21:17:37 CDT 2003

> This is spam to me.

It certainly looks like the person who sent this job contract to
the list really acting on his own self-interest and trying to make a
commission. But I find it very sad that this is a reaction one would get
when one simply sends a job opportunity to an e-group like this.
Lots of good people are still struggling out there, although I am
getting the impression that things are finally getting better after
three terrible years.

I would hope that groups like this would be a source of encouragement to
the unemployed, not another source of discouragement. Certainly the
first purpose of such a group is to discuss things related to Perl, and
the job in question does ask for Perl skills. But even if it didn't,
such a post seems harmless.

I spend more than enough going through e-mail that really is spam. I
think I am getting more tired of the abuse of that word.


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