[yapc] "Sold out"

Heath Bair chairman at yapc2010.com
Mon Apr 30 10:30:01 PDT 2012

I want to side with JT here a little.

We have no idea as to what the fine print in the contract states and
whether JT is being held to a specific number.  He is the conference
Chairman and in the end is the one in the "Hot Seat" over all
decisions that are made, good or bad.  I know that JT wants this to be
the best YAPC ever and if he says "SOLD OUT" then that's what it is.

I think that it is a wonderful thing to have reached the quota with a
month and a half to go!  If I might make a recommend that the Team
might go back to the school and try to come up with creative ways to
get more people attending.

Overall congratulation on what looks like an AWESOME conference and I
cant wait to be there and experience it.

Heath Bair

On Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 12:41 PM, Uri Guttman <uri at stemsystems.com> wrote:
> On 04/30/2012 12:35 PM, Dave Rolsky wrote:
>> On Mon, 30 Apr 2012, JT Smith wrote:
>>> And you are absolutely right. Future organizers it is very very
>>> difficult to predict how many people will attend. Some has to do with
>>> the economy,
>>> some has to do with the city in which you hold it, some has to do with
>>> how expensive overnight rooms are, some has to do with who else's
>>> going to
>>> be there, and a lot has to do with how much you're doing to promote
>>> the event. If you're unsure, certainly err on the side of having too
>>> much space
>>> rather than too little.
>> Since this is looking to be the best attended YAPC::NA ever (or in a
>> long time?) I think it'd be great if you and the team could document
>> some of what you did, _especially_ in regards to advertising.
>> In general, I wish conference organizers would do a better job of
>> documenting what they did, since organization duties rotate to new
>> people every year. I know this is tough, since before the conference
>> you're busy and after you're exhausted, but it would be incredibly useful.
> extreme ditto here. we have had some info written up over the years and much
> of our group knowledge is still passed down somewhat slowly. most confs have
> the same core team so they can build up skills and experience. as dave said,
> we have new leaders/core almost every year (josh did two chicago's close
> together). yapc sales tend to be backended with the usual late rush. that is
> why i am so impressed with the 400 sold with 6 weeks to go. typical by this
> time would be 200 and the second 200 coming in over the next few weeks.
> thanx,
> uri
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