[yapc] YAPC::NA SOLD OUT!!!

YAPC::NA Director admin at yapcna.org
Mon Apr 30 09:00:03 PDT 2012

We have officially sold 411 tickets to YAPC::NA_2012, which means we are
officially sold out! 
Some of you might be thinking, Why would you book such a small venue? The
truth is we booked a very large venue. Weve just sold more tickets to YAPC::NA
than any other year of the conference thus far. Selling out is a good thing for
the community.It means that Perl is vibrant and people want to learn and
participate. Every YAPC organizer wants the years that follow them to out-sell
them, because every YAPC organizer is building upon the foundations set by what
came before. We want the same for YAPC::NA 2013.
Im sorry for those of you who still wanted to register, but now cant. I wish
we could accommodate you, but there simply isnt any additional room. We hope
to see you next year instead.
[From the YAPC::NA_Blog.]
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