[yapc] last call for Sunday Arrival Dinner

Uri Guttman uri at stemsystems.com
Thu Jun 21 18:26:30 PDT 2007

>>>>> "JF" == Jeremy Fluhmann <fluhmann at gmail.com> writes:

  JF> If you plan on attending the Arrival Dinner on Sunday at Cadillac
  JF> Bar, please sign up on the wiki at
  JF> http://conferences.mongueurs.net/yn2007/wiki?node=
  JF> Sunday%20Night%20Dinner .  They need the final headcount tomorrow
  JF> morning (June 22).  Uri has mentioned that since it's buffet, they
  JF> typically have food leftover, so don't be worried if you don't
  JF> sign up before I give the final headcount (if you're not sure if
  JF> you'll make it or not).  Walk-ins are welcome.  I'll just need to
  JF> have a semi-accurate number to give them in the morning.

and to add another reminder, BRING CASH!! go to your atm first!! the
dinner is $22.50 iirc, so with tax/tip expect to pay around $28 +

i am surprised at the low attendence count (35 + 5 possibles). not that
this is a problem but we have been getting about 100 attendees at the
arrival dinner for the last 3 years. this means i didn't publicize it
enough (guilty!) or mexican isn't popular or YOU FORGOT TO SIGN UP!!!

please sign up now on the wiki so we do have a decent headcount. and as
jeremy quoted me, walk-ins are welcome but it is better to sign up!



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