[yapc] arrival dinner voting

Uri Guttman uri at stemsystems.com
Wed Jun 14 16:41:25 PDT 2006

things are moving along on the arrival dinner menu vote. over 40 have
signed up and i know plenty are coming who haven't signed up. you know
who you are so ADD your name to the list! in particular TPF and YAPC
committee members and such (even josh macadams!) have not signed up. we
know where you live!

the voting deadline is midnight on sunday june 18. i have to call in the
menu on monday and i will wiki up the winning menu after that. we have
until thursday june 22 to submit a head count.


and if you are a cheap bastard  :) you can join the growing contigent at
the anti arrival dinner. some thought i would be upset about it and
actually i support it. this is an optional social event so do whatever
you want. hell, all of yapc is optional so go for it. but considering
that the expenses for yapc will be in the $100's for most attendees
(adding in conference fees, travel, dorm, other food), $30 more isn't
too much IMO :).


you could even go to the same place as the arrival dinner and just get a
table and order from the menu.

have fun in either event!



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