[yapc] More on Power Plugs (and adaptors)

Cees Hek cees at crtconsulting.ca
Thu Jun 23 09:30:38 PDT 2005

Dave Rolsky wrote:
> On Thu, 23 Jun 2005, José Castro wrote:
>> If anyone knows where I can buy one once I get there, I'd appreciate
>> the information, as it would help me in the process of slide-creation
>> during the weekend O:-) (I'm arriving tomorrow... I hope)
> That just looks like it adapts the plug, but if it's _only_ for a laptop
> your transformer should handle North American voltages.  Otherwise you'd
> need a transformer too, which would be freaking heavy and big.

I think most laptops will handle a range of voltages.  But if someone
does need a transformer, I might be able to get my hands on one that
converts from 110 up to 220 or 240 (I can't remember where it is so I
have to search for it).  I used to use it for my lego electric trainset
which was purchased in holland when I was but a young pup (it was a bit
overkill, as it converted 110V up to 220V, only to then bring it back
down to 12V for the lego trainset).

The only caveat is that I may not be at the conference, as my wife is
due with our second a couple of days after the conference.  So I am
hopping this one is early like our first was, but my time is running out
fast :(.  Luckily I only live a couple hours away from the conference so
I can still decide last minute.  So if I do go, I will bring it in case
it is needed...



ps Fulko currently has my old laptop which has an Australian plug with a
North American adapter on it.  I don't think he can use the laptop for
what he needed it for, so that adapter could be up for grabs as well.
And I happen to have a multi-country to Australian adapter which could
plug into my australian to N.A. adapter to allow it to work for anyone :)

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