[Yapc-na-organizers] Sponsorship prospectus

Daniel J. Wright Dan at DWright.Org
Thu Oct 30 07:16:17 PDT 2008

I'm working on a prospectus for potential YAPC::NA::09 sponsors.  I'm
looking for any of the following:

* Documents used in past years.

* Things that people wish they had done.

* Suggestions on items that might be attractive to sponsors which we might
be able to offer.

* Stock text regarding Perl and YAPC that would appeal to potential sponsors.

I realize that not all potential sponsors are looking for the same thing. 
So, there needs to be a balance between brevity and appealing to as many
groups as possible.  I think there's basically 4 categories of sponsors:

1. Philanthropists: Sponsors that just want to help Perl.  Maybe they use
it a lot and realize giving back to the community helps them in the long
run.  This group is perhaps the hardest to appeal to, but the easiest to

2. Advertisers:  The most important thing to these people is getting their
name out there in as many ways possible.

3. Recruiters:  These people are hiring.  They need programmers and are
hoping that their money gets them some good leads on potential new hires.

4. All/None of the above: Some mixture of the above plus some other
undefined quality that I'm missing.

All input appreciated.


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