[Yapc-na-organizers] Corporate Pricing

Daniel J. Wright Dan at DWright.Org
Thu Jun 26 16:15:13 PDT 2008

I don't think that this would necessarily be a change in the price
structure as much as an augmentation.   The idea that was proposed,
originally by Columbus.pm, was that we offer a higher tier pricing in
addition to the current pricing.

We would, of course, need to find some way to provide some additional
value for the higher tier.   Two items that I had in mind would be: 1)
Automatic enrollment in master classes, and 2) Some sort of concierge
service to assist with hotel / enrollment options.

The issue that this was intended to address came from certain larger
businesses that provided the feedback that they would not send people to
YAPC, simply because of the low price.   In their estimation, low price is
synonymous with un-professionalism and low quality.

I don't think it hurts to explore this idea, particularly if it would have
little or no impact on our current audience.   One worst-case scenario
would be that we offer the additional tier, and nobody takes advantage of
it.   Another scenario that we would need to avoid is one that casts
patrons at the normal level as second-class guests.

This need not be a problem / solution scenario necessarily.  Sometimes you
just need to explore new ideas (carefully) for the sake of stumbling on to
the next new thing.


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