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Question #2

I'm actually already overdue on letting CMU know how many dorm rooms we
need for next summer.

If you look below, you will see that we currently have 87 rooms available,
which will hold a max 147 (but of course each double room isn't
necessarily going to be holding two people)

Looking at the numbers from the previous Chicago YAPC (even further
below), we used 147 rooms to house 168 people.   So, obviously, I'm going
to have go beg CMU for some more rooms, but I'm curious how many total I
should be asking for on each day?   Do we have updated numbers from this
year yet?

One thing to our advantage is that there are plenty of nearby hotels that
really aren't that much more expensive than the dorm rooms, and they all
offer free shuttle service to CMU.


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Hi Dan,

We should be able to accommodate that volume.  The breakdown of rooms are
listed below:



RESNIK 2nd floor



RESNIK 3rd  floor



RESNIK 4th floor



RESNIK 5th floor






WEST WING 2nd floor



WEST WING 3rd floor



WEST WING 4th floor



WEST WING 5th floor






Do you have a set of dates in June 2009 regardless of whether or not you win
the bid?  It's important for us to place a hold on the range of dates that
you are looking for, because we will begin to receive 2009 summer housing
requests soon and we can not hold the entire month of June for one group
given the amount of inquiries that we receive.



Beth Yazemboski

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Apparently, my original estimation of 60 rooms was very low.   Below is

actual data from the same event we'll be hosting when it was hosted in

Chicago in 2006.

It looks like we'll need varying number of rooms depending on the day.  On

the peak nights, we'll need as many as 150 rooms (or perhaps even a few



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Okay, here is what I have for actuals minus a few that we bought extra

dorm rooms for and didn't charge so they didn't show up on the

billing... Larry and family for instance.

Friday night before the conference:

1 - room, 1 - person

Saturday night before the conference:

9 rooms, 9 people

Sunday night before the conference:

143 rooms (19 were double), 162 people

Monday and Tuesday nights of the conference:

147 rooms (21 were double), 168 people

Wednesday night after the conference:

84 rooms (10 were double), 94 people

Thursday night after the conference:

59 rooms (6 were double), 65 people

Friday night after the conference:

25 rooms (2 were double), 27 people

Saturday night after the conference:

9 rooms, 9 people

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