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Jim Brandt cbrandt at buffalo.edu
Mon Jun 23 11:01:27 PDT 2008

Daniel J. Wright wrote:
> Hi,
>   Question #1 of about a million:
> Is there any documentation that defines the role of the YAPC organizer?  

Much of the collective wisdom for both bidding and running a YAPC is 
stored here:


(As an aside, I think we could make that document much more lively if we 
could convert it into the Perl Event Organizers wiki. If anyone is 
interested in taking this on, let me know.)

> Specifically, I'm interested in:
>  * What things are we responsible for getting done?

You're more or less responsible for everything still. We're trying to 
add to the list of things we can offer each year. For example, ACT is 
now widely used (as you already know). We offer insurance and we'll 
cover deposits and such as needed.

>  * What things need to go through TPF for approval?

Since we're covering costs, we like to be kept up-to-date on the budget 
as much as possible. As we write (sometimes sizable) deposit checks, we 
just want to have some degree of confidence that we're bringing in 
enough to cover things.

>  * What degree of autonomy do the organizers operate under in planning the
> various events that go on at a YAPC?

You have quite a bit of freedom, but we do try to keep with the 
traditions of YAPC. When in doubt, just ask and we'll discuss. We like 
to have a say in agreements (contracts, etc.) since we're an explicit or 
implicit signatory to most of the arrangements.

> Having run a Perl workshop for the past two and a half years where we
> basically did everything, I'm trying to get a feel for how this job
> differs.

I'd be interested in how other organizers have perceived the level of 
TPF involvement.

> Thanks,
> -Dan
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