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Pete Krawczyk petek at bsod.net
Mon Sep 18 11:43:26 PDT 2006

Subject: Re: Re: [Yapc-na-organizers] Sponsorship ideas (was "Re:  Tasks"
From: Bob Clancy <bob.clancy at verizon.net>
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 12:59:02 -0500 (CDT)

}Ok Pete, next question:  What was the minimum level
}of sponsorship to quality for the Job Fair?  (My gut
}feeling is at least $250.)

We told everyone $250, but there might have been one that got in at $100.

}if Houston find out that they need money to put a deposit down on something.

All monies are handled by TPF, and the account does not start from zero.

}Given the idea of changing the thresholds, I'd change the lower boundary 
}for "silver" to $250 perhaps 1 week before the conference so that last 
}minute job fair participants would kick in more cash.

If you have a minimum, have a minimum.  Don't change it, but offer perks 
to those who come early.  For example, if you don't sponsor in time, you 
might not get a table in the mainway.  You might not have a table skirt, 
you might not be on the signage or the t-shirt or in the program.

We want people to give us money, but we can't get greedy.

}Can we get a minimum of $500 and still have people partipate in the job fair?

Don't look at it as an opportunity to "gouge" sponsors.  We had 14 
companies last year, and I'd be a lot more excited to see 30 or 40 before 
we raised the minimum price.  Remember, someone coming to YAPC might find 
a job with a company at a table.  We don't want that to not happen because 
a company can't or won't come up with an extra $250.

}Pete:  Am I off base here?  (I'm sure you guys made the rules as you went 
}along, right?)

You're not that far off.  And while we did have some input from TPF and 
previous organizers, for the most part, our decisions rested with us.

-Pete K
Pete Krawczyk
  petek at bsod dot net

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