[Tokyo.pm] Meet the monger in Tokyo

maeda @ tokyo.pm.org maeda @ tokyo.pm.org
2000年 10月 13日 (金) 01:25:22 CDT

Hello, Gabriel,

I'm Tokyo.pm leader.

Do you have an e-mail access when you arrive at Tokyo?  If not,
I can FAX to your hotel where and when to meet you.  Please let
me know where you're going to stay.  We will be able to setup
the meeting so that it's not too far from your hotel.

In case you need to talk to me, please call my cellular
+81-90-1-467-1722.  (You should dial 090-1-467-1722 when you are
in Japan.)  Or you can FAX to +81-3-3818-0348.  This is a FAX at
my office, Ricoh Software Research Center.  So please be sure to
name me: "Kaoru Maeda".

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