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Senior Perl Software Design Engineer - MARCHEX INC.

About You

We need a Senior Software Design Engineer to join our talented and
visionary development team. Our Software Design Engineers act as inventor,
product architect, engineer, and can balance forward thinking with what
needs to get done now.

So we're looking for more than just passion for technology, we also want
individuals who can contribute to long lasting solutions, and lead a
discussion about architecture and communicate clearly and convincingly to
both technical and non-technical stakeholders.

About the Product

Any business can purchase a phone number to track online advertising /
sales calls, but how do you measure the value of X million calls a month?

Welcome to Marchex Voicestar!

We enable advertisers to track ROI for online advertising, and marketing
campaigns using VoIP phone lines to optimize advertising expense both
online and offline. We also offer a cost effective way for businesses to
measure the value of their calls.

Check us out here:

And here:

About the Role

Okay, Marchex Voicestar is a cool, new product, what else would an
engineer want to know? Open source technologies such as Perl and telephony
stack (learn new technologies!)

 - Public API
 - Flexible product (VXML) that allows our clients to build tools on our
 - Product built entirely in-house and all the authors still work here
 - Small team, and collaborative learning environment. 
 - Share your knowledge and learn from us too.
 - Work on interesting challenges because we have *big* plans.
 - Your work will matter because our product gets heavily used and our
   customers LOVE it!

In general, you will be responsible for the design, development, and
maintenance of Marchex Voicestar services and applications. This includes
all aspects of design, architecture, implementation, maintenance, build
management, project management, support, and collaborating with other
product teams as needed

Your Qualifications

Here's what'll get you in the door; the more of these you've got the

 - BS degree in a Computer Science or equivalent experience.
 - 5+ years experience in software development.
 - Experience with a variety of SDLCs.
 - Ability to be flexible and adapt to rapidly changing company and project
 - Fluency in more than one language such as Perl, Ruby, Java, Python, C.
 - Understanding of OO design, algorithms, data structures, networking,
   database design & optimization.
 - Extensive experience with database design and optimization
 - Proven ability to quickly learn new technologies.
 - Expertise in a variety of relevant areas: messaging, VOIP, SIP, TDM, RTP,
   distributed computing, caching, search engine design, data mining, etc.
 - Experience working with a development framework (Mason, Rails, Catalyst,
   JSP, etc) HTML, CSS, JS and Linux is preferred.

INTERESTED? Apply Now! Recruiting at marchex.com or JWOLFSTONE at marchex.com

Or, Refer a friend. :)

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