SPUG: Great SEO ... [Was Re: JOB: Perl dev, online/mobile advertising, downtown Seattle]

Fred Morris m3047 at m3047.net
Thu Mar 18 01:46:24 PDT 2010

On Wednesday 17 March 2010 15:51, Michael R. Wolf wrote:
> One of the cool side-benefits to this template is that a web search  
> for "nuclear weapons pornography Perl" returns SPUG as the top few  
> spots.
> Great SEO...
> ;-{

What would you prefer:

Young dolphins doing their squish toys wearing underwear (or not)? Young 
mammals doing things with their phones while looking at young girls doing 
(ack.. etc. really. no use for amateurs, me)?

Sexting middleaged people, who are thinking about where to post a job?

People wondering about whether porn is, or is not, the ultimate search engine 
optimization... and if so, how did it come to supremacy over nuclear 
weapons... or any kind of weapons held by people pretending to be a) nubile 
and b) (near)on-line? Web cams. Think about it.

That's it? No identity theft? Just good clean/dirty fun?

This just doesn't even compete with the bugs I have to answer at my job. 
Thanks for playing; Michael is your objection political, personal, proxy, or 
that "someone else might be offended" (but hasn't yet, which is how I learned 
to live with the bomb)?

Resolution: COMPLETED

The nuclear weapons one, I always find that hard to imagine.  I don't remember 
how my present employer answered to that, considering that I did indeed 
answer a job advert posted here. It begs a question, and the short answer 
would be "no"; the longer answer would be that your head hurts now. I'm still 
waiting for the answer to that one which scares me.


Fred the internet plumber

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