SPUG: March Meeting & Training Discounts for SPUGsters

Tim Maher tim at consultix-inc.com
Thu Feb 18 16:19:33 PST 2010

Yo SPUGsters,

Looking forward to seeing you at the March "12th Anniversary" meeting,
for which I've recently been recruited as a speaker!

In the meantime, I've attached a list of the classes my company is
offering in Seattle over the next few months, which cover UNIX, Linux,
and Perl topics.

As a special treat for SPUG members, we'll double our usual"EarlyBird
Discount" on all our upcoming classes. This means, for example, that you
could save nearly $200 on the 3-day Intermediate Perl class that's
coming in March!

Looking forward to a SPUGtacular meeting next month!
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From: Tim Maher, Consultix 
  Re: Updated Schedule of Upcoming Classes

As indicated in the schedule below, the "EarlyBird Discount Deadline"
for the Shell Programming class is this Friday, so those who wish to
save some money on that class should try to pay by then.

As always, let us know which classes you're interested in and we'll do
our best to put them on our schedule at a time convenient for you! Or
call to discuss the possibility of an on-site class at your location.

See http://consultix-inc.com/courses for our complete list of courses.

Best wishes,
-Tim Maher
(206) 781-8649

   Winter/Spring Training Classes in Seattle from Consultix
     TITLE                   DATES    Days  Discount Deadline
Intermediate Perl          3/03-3/05    3         2/05
Shell Programming          3/15-3/17    3         2/19
UNIX/Linux Utilities       3/18-3/19    2         2/19
UNIX/Linux Fundamentals    3/29-4/02    4         3/05
Hashes and Arrays          4/07-4/08   1.5        3/12
Adv. Shell Programming     4/19-4/23   4.5        3/26
Database Prog. with DBI*   4/26-4/28    3         4/02
Perl Programming           5/04-5/06    3         4/09
Perl Modules, plus CGI        5/07      1         4/09
*Taught by Colin Meyer; other classes taught by Tim Maher

General Information:

On-Site Training:

Course Listings:
        Perl,       http://teachmeperl.com/perllist.html
        UNIX/Shell, http://teachmeunix.com/unixlist.html

Registration and Pricing: http://consultix-inc.com/register.html
  Instructor Evaluations: http://consultix-inc.com/evals.html
      Course Evaluations: http://consultix-inc.com/course_evals.html

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