SPUG: JOB: Perl Dev, SIP/VoIP, downtown Seattle

SPUG Jobs jobs-noreply at seattleperl.org
Thu Feb 18 17:01:38 PST 2010

I wanted to reach out to you and share a new position that we are hiring
for and see if you had anyone that would be interested. The requirements
are listed below and all my contact info is below. Thanks for your time; I
look forward to your response.

 - required skill-set: OO Perl Developer with some SIP or VoIP experience 
 - contract or permanent position: Contract to hire
 - for contracts, expected duration and pay range: 3 month or less contract
   period then to full time, pay is $48hr
 - for permanent positions, availability of stock options or other incentive
   plans: N/A
 - Placement through recruiter, or directly with company? Through recruiter
   with the chance to convert to Full Time with company
 - W-2 vs. 1099 status: W2
 - any restrictions on 1099 status: Corporation, etc.? No corp to corp
 - physical location: Downtown Seattle
 - telecommuting possible? No
 - company's product or service (e.g., e-commerce, grocery shopping, nuclear
   weapons, pornography, etc.): Advertising 

Ryan Luckenbaugh, Lead Technical Recruiter
Chameleon Technologies

o: 425.827.1173
c: 719.661.2129
f: 425.827.1174
e: ryan at chameleontechinc.com


Follow us on http://www.twitter.com/chameleon_tech
We pay referral bonuses up to $1,000.

Chameleon Technologies was named one of Washington's Fastest Growing Private
Companies by the Puget Sound Business Journal.

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