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Thu May 28 13:30:35 PDT 2009

- required skill-set - Please see job description below
- contract or permanent position - Permanent position
- for permanent positions, availability of stock options or other incentive
  plans - We do offer restricted stock units as part of our compensation
- placement through recruiter, or directly with company? - Directly with
- W-2 vs. 1099 status - W-2 status
- physical location - Seattle
- telecommuting possible? - Possible from time to time, but not the majority
- company's product or service (e.g., e-commerce, grocery shopping, nuclear
  weapons, pornography, etc.) - See IMDb.com for the product

Software Developer, Consumer Site

IMDb is looking for top-notch programmers to join our superstar engineering
team, chartered with one of the biggest websites on the planet.

We build cool features used by millions of site visitors every day, keeping
them stuck to the site like glue. We are investing heavily in streaming video
and in internationalization.

We seek enthusiastic, creative problem solvers, because boy does IMDb have
problems to solve: deep data sets, increasing scale, and increasing
expectations for site visitors who insist that their data be fresh, relevant,
accurate, and easily updated in real-time. These challenges and a strong cup
of coffee get you up on Monday morning.

Job Qualifications

- Bachelors degree in computer science OR at least 5 years industry
  programming experience.
- Expert level skills in at least one mainstream programming language (C, C++,
  Java, Perl).
- Experience with developing software for Unix/Linux.
- Experience with relational databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle).
- Ability to move fluidly between different programming paradigms, catering
  the solution to the problem at hand.
- Willingness to work on a fantastic team of talented and experienced
  engineers who are experts in everything from security to meta-programming to
  distributed computing.
- Willingness to have your work rigorously reviewed by your colleagues, and to
  rigorously review their work in return.

Bonus Qualifications

- Experience with streaming video, video-on-demand, flash-based video
- Experience with software localization, especially Unicode/UTF-8.
- Experience developing high-traffic, high-throughput, distributed real-time
- Experience with presentation-layer technologies: web templating
  (specifically Mason), JavaScript, JSON, Ajax, CSS, DHTML.
- Experience with OO Perl programming.


Jeremy Bradshaw  |  Recruiter, Global Talent Acquisition  |  Amazon
E: jbradsh at amazon.com  P: 206.266.7035  C: 480.206.5129

Amazon is hiring!  Amazon.com/Careers<http://www.amazon.com/careers>

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