SPUG: White Camel Nominations

Andrew Sweger andrew at sweger.net
Thu May 28 13:38:09 PDT 2009

Forwarding for dha:

Every year the White Camels are presented for service to the Perl

If you look at the previous winners, you'll notice that these are mostly
unsung heroes, like previous awardee Eric Cholet, the human moderator of
so many Perl mailing lists, or Jay Hannah, one of the people running
pm.org (if you ever created/maintained a pm group, chances are that Jay
walked you through the process).

Some of these people may be well known, like Allison Randal, Tim Maher, or
Randal Schwartz, while others may be complete strangers to at least part
of the globe, like Josh McAdams or Jay. Some of them may be extreme Perl
hackers who created the original JAPH, but they actually received this
award as a recognition for their community contributions to Perl rather
than for their programming ability.

That's not to say a great hacker can't receive the award, but you don't
have to be one in order to be eligible.

That being said, the nomination process for the 2009 White Camels is now

If you think there's someone who deserves a White Camel, this is the time
for you to send in your nominations. Send them to, 

  whitecamel-suggestions at perl.org

...if possible with a subject along the lines of "White Camel Nomination
:: $name". Make sure you properly identify the nominee and tell us why you
think that's a worthy nomination.

Don't go thinking "nah, somebody else will do it" because: a) everybody
else may be thinking the same, and b) you may state your case differently
than the next person.

We'll be receiving nominations until June 21, 2009, by midnight, but don't
wait up or you'll forget. Do it now!

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