SPUG: perl, javascript, UTF-8, sanity ... possibly OT

seasprocket at gmail.com seasprocket at gmail.com
Tue May 26 16:39:06 PDT 2009

Sorry, if this is off-topic ... it may have more to do with javascript than

I have a web app (bikewise.org) written in perl/catalyst which interacts a
lot with google maps via javascript. It receives place names from all over
the world (potentially), in UTF-8, stores them as UTF-8 in sqlite, and
displays them.

When non-ascii chars are returned to the browser directly by perl, they
display fine. But when they are retrieved via ajax and written to the
browser from javascript, they display as junk chars. My JSON response does
set the charset=utf-8

Has anyone seen this before ... what am I missing?


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