SPUG: Tonight's slides online, Wiki updated

Trevor Hall hallta at gmail.com
Tue Feb 17 23:16:00 PST 2009

We chatted a bit tonight about keeping the Wiki up to date with recent talks
and general activity.  It looks like Colin's been doing a good job with
keeping the 'current events' page up to date (amongst others), but I didn't
find an archive of past talks.  So, through the magic of UGC, I made one:


It's not linked anywhere in the site as I don't seem to have the necessary
permissions to edit the side-bar or home page (maybe someone who does have
perms can do it for me), but is an easy spot to keep good resources
available.  Maybe we simply ask each speaker to update the page once their

In any event, my slides are online if anyone is interested.  They're linked
here: http://wiki.seattleperl.org/index.php/Talks_02172009 (also linked from
the previously mentioned page).

 - Trev
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