SPUG: Tonight's slides online, Wiki updated

Ron Pero spug at magnadev.com
Wed Feb 18 08:45:26 PST 2009

Hey, that is one GREAT slideshow. Several LOL moments. I'm going to show it to my PowerPoint expert 
friend as an example of an excellent stand-alone presentation.
And I appreciate seeing it since it is so rare I can make it to a SPUG meeting.

Trevor Hall wrote:
> We chatted a bit tonight about keeping the Wiki up to date with recent 
> talks and general activity.  It looks like Colin's been doing a good job 
> with keeping the 'current events' page up to date (amongst others), but 
> I didn't find an archive of past talks.  So, through the magic of UGC, I 
> made one:
> http://wiki.seattleperl.org/index.php/Recent_Talks
> It's not linked anywhere in the site as I don't seem to have the 
> necessary permissions to edit the side-bar or home page (maybe someone 
> who does have perms can do it for me), but is an easy spot to keep good 
> resources available.  Maybe we simply ask each speaker to update the 
> page once their done?
> In any event, my slides are online if anyone is interested.  They're 
> linked here: http://wiki.seattleperl.org/index.php/Talks_02172009 (also 
> linked from the previously mentioned page).
>  - Trev
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