SPUG: Simplest tool for creating custom modules?

Tim Maher tim at consultix-inc.com
Fri Jan 21 19:24:10 PST 2005

Friends in Perlity,

I'm writing the section for my book on "Creating your own
modules", and I'm wondering if I should base the discussion on
Exporter.pm, or show the reader one of the more modern tools
(esp. if there's one that's becoming accepted as a "new standard").

The advantage of the Exporter.pm approach is that it's quite
simple and I already know how it works 8-}, but if my readers
would be better off hearing about something newer and shinier
that's also simple and won't ostracize them from other JAPHs, I'm
open to alternatives.

So, would you recommend any of the newer module-making-modules?
If so, which ones?
P.S.  The readers won't know any OO techniques or anonymous data
      structures, so I'd like to avoid any hints of that syntax
      where possible.

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