SPUG: CPAN & passive ftp?

Matt Tucker tuck at whistlingfish.net
Thu Apr 25 04:18:33 CDT 2002

-- dancerboy <dancerboy at strangelight.com> spake thusly:

> So, I've been having all sorts of weird behaviour with CPAN on my
> MacOS X box at home, and I suddenly realized what I think the problem
> is:  my firewall setup requires that I do all my ftp'ing in passive
> mode.  I've looked through the CPAN configuration options, and can't
> seem to find anything that would tell it to do it's ftp'ing
> passively.  Is there a way to do this?

The way to set this permanently and globally for Perl is to alter
Net/Config.pm (do 'locate Net/Config.pm'). Look for the ftp_ext_passive
line and set it to 1.
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