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Tim Maher/CONSULTIX tim at consultix-inc.com
Mon Aug 13 16:24:06 CDT 2001

Hello!  We have a position open in my team that requires a lot of
experience programming with Perl.  The full description of the position
can be found here:


Here's a description tailored to the points found at:

Required skill-set

Object Oriented Perl.  (For some reason, the job description doesn't say
anything about Perl but most of the software we write and support is
written in Perl).

Java, Java Servlets, Java Server Pages.

Experience with Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD).  (Listed as
desirable in the job description).

Familiarity with network monitoring and management.

Type of position

This is a permanent position.


Placement with us directly (vs. via a recruiter) is preferred.

Physical location

4545 15th Avenue NE
Our building is kitty corner from the Burke Museum.

Telecommuting is currently not a possibility.


The Networks and Distributed Computing (NDC) group within the University
of Washington's Computing and Communications department designs, deploys,
and supports networks for:

*  The University of Washington (http://www.washington.edu/) and related

*  The UW Physicians Network (http://uwphysicians.org/)

*  The Pacific Northwest Gigapop (http://www.pnw-gigapop.net/).  (One of
the first Internet 2 sites).


*  The K20 Network (http://www.wa.gov/dis/k20/)

NDC is also charged with design and support of UW's network computing
infrastructure. This includes computer maintenance, desktop computing
technologies, messaging and multimedia tools, scalable distributed
systems, and distributed system security.

My team develops tools and systems that the Network Engineers and Network
Operations Center use to monitor and manage the network.  Currently our
team does not offer any products or services to the larger Internet
community.  We do, however, keep our eye out for market opportunities
(commercial, open source, or otherwise) that our software could
potentially fill; the imap (http://www.imap.org) and pine
(http://www.washington.edu/pine/) developers are part of another team in
NDC, for example.

Sean J. Vaughan
phone: 206 221 3801

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