SPUG: Does Perl Scale? (Was: Evolution of Perl)

Daniel Pommert dpommert at bestnet.com
Mon Aug 13 10:49:49 CDT 2001

As a testimonial, I would like to put in that in 20 months I was able to
write over 70,000 lines of debugged, OO Perl (20,000 lines if you don't
count comments, blanks, { } lines).  If I had written this in C++ I would
have had to write at least 3 times as many lines of code to get the same job
done.  Sure, it would have run a little faster, but we were under a time
crunch to get the code written; speed was secondary.

I interfaced with 3 other programmers.  I was able to define the object
interfaces and, so, specify that any Perl object that supported a specific
set of required methods would be compatible with the system.

In fact, it was the largest, most creative piece of code that I have ever
written.  I know that my experience would have been a lot more filled with
memories of grief if I had written it in C++.

My experience.  Your milage may vary...

-- Daniel Pommert

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