SPUG: Mac Resolutions Question - for Damian

Tim Maher/CONSULTIX tim at consultix-inc.com
Tue Jun 27 09:58:10 CDT 2000


Not being a Mac-o-phile, I'm unsure about something that I need to get
sure about in preparation for Damian's visit, and I thought somebody
here might be able to help.  I'm unable to reach "The Damian" himself
these days (he isn't answering Email), the logical source for the answers
to the questions below, so that's why I'm asking you folks.

He'll be using a Mac laptop during his presentations here
(a PowerBook, if memory serves), and for his two fee-based
one-day seminars (http://www.consultix-inc.com/advoop.html;
http://www.consultix-inc.com/parsing.html), I need to rent a data

He told me he'd need one with 1024x768 resolution, and I've got one
reserved that has that "native" resolution (i.e., no cheating by dropping
scan lines, etc.).  It specifies that it will scale up from the Mac
832x624 screen (but no other Mac dimensions are specified).

Questions: Is this the *only* Mac resolution out there, or do I need
to worry about him possibly using a different one that this projector
won't handle?  Also, what will the external monitor jack look like on
his laptop?  Regular 15-pin VGA style, or something else?  If the latter,
maybe I'll need to find an adapator cable somewhere (as will Andy et al
over at N2H2! ).


P.S. It's not too late to register for one or both of Damian's seminars! 8-}
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