SPUG: Mac Resolutions Question - for Damian

Nathaniel Irons lexical at bumppo.net
Tue Jun 27 15:00:17 CDT 2000

On 6/27/00 at 7:58 AM, tim at consultix-inc.com (Tim Maher/CONSULTIX) wrote:

> Questions: Is this the *only* Mac resolution out there, or do I need
> to worry about him possibly using a different one that this projector
> won't handle?

Macs have the same range of resolutions as any other kind of computer.
Details are machine-specific.

All powerbooks sold since 1998 have had a native resolution of 1024x768
(most can also run at 800x600 and 640x480, but by interpolating pixels, so
the image is fuzzier) -- though that's just the built-in LCD.  They can
drive external monitors at just about any resolution you care to specify,
including 832x624.  I presume the projector appears to the machine as just
another monitor.

Different powerbooks have different multiple-monitor capabilities -- older
models mirror what's on the external, blanking the built-in if the
external runs at a resolution unsupported by the LCD.  Powerbooks sold in
the last year support a traditional multiple-monitors setup, where the LCD
becomes additional real estate.

It's hard to say what Conway expects, but mirroring seems to make the most
sense if he's standing without a clear view of the projected screen.  In
that case, 832x624 will most likely run fine on the projector, but the LCD
will be out.

> Also, what will the external monitor jack look like on his laptop? 
> Regular 15-pin VGA style, or something else?

Yes, Powerbooks have had VGA-style monitor jacks for years.  Virtually all
of the Powerbook G3 models (black, with the white inverted apple on the
back) can also handle S-Video out.  I've never had to deal with a
projector, but I usually go the S-Video route for NTSC conversion -- DVD
playback, etc.


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