SPUG: January Meeting

Tim Maher/CONSULTIX tim at consultix-inc.com
Wed Jan 5 13:05:23 CST 2000

		  January SPUG Meeting (1/18/2000)


Tim Maher (tim at consultix-inc.com) of Consultix, a Seattle-based provider
of UNIX & Perl Training, will present excerpts from a one-day training
course entitled:
	"Advanced Pattern Matching with Perl".

Although he does lots of stuff for the sheer joy of helping the SPUG
membership, he has two ulterior motives for giving this presentation:

1) He's looking for an opportunity to practice presenting the new
course material before the next offering of the course, and

2) he's looking for constructive feedback on his course materials,
especially ideas for realistic yet simple examples of the different
programming concepts.

Topics for discussion will be taken from the following list,
time permitting:

	* pattern ranges (e.g., /re1/,/re2/ and print; )

	* positive and negative lookahead Regular Expressions (REs)

	* tricks with split()

	* Balanced Matches

	* using the Text::Balanced module

	* Fuzzy matching with the String::Approx module

	* maximizing efficiency of REs
		using study() to accelerate matching
		using eval() to accelerate matching
		using qr/RE/ to accelerate matching

Attendees might want to review the following before the meeting:
"man perlre", Mastering Regular Expressions (Friedl), and the Perl Cookbook,
Chapter 6.


The official meeting is on 3rd Tuesdays from 7-9pm, followed by an
optional meeting over adult beverages at a nearby facility.

Our new regular meeting place for the Y2K is in the building housing
N2H2, Inc., the Union Bank of California building, between 4th and 5th
and Marion and Madison in downtown Seattle.

We'll be meeting in the first-floor conference room - more details coming
soon (as of 1/5/00, this is all we know).

| Tim Maher, PhD  Consultix &              (206) 781-UNIX/8649           |
|  Pacific Software Gurus, Inc             Email: tim at consultix-inc.com  |
|  UNIX/Linux & Perl Training              http://www.consultix-inc.com  |
| 2/22: UNIX  2/28: Perl Modules  2/29: Int. Perl  3/3: Pattern Matching |

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