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Welcome to SPUG-2000!  I've just finished updating the SPUG/E-SPUG web
page, and figured it might be a good idea to send a text version of
its contents out to the list-membership at least once a millennium,
so here it is!  Any comments are welcome, as usual.

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The following are excerpts from the web pages for SPUG,
(http://www.halcyon.com/spug/), the Seattle Perl Users Group, and E-SPUG
(http://www.halcyon.com/spug/eastside), the Eastside Seattle Perl
Users Group.

What is PERL?

Perl is a powerful, portable, and mature programming language created
by Larry Wall, with  contributions from lots of other people.  It is
culturally derived from the UNIX  C language,  various UNIX shells,
and the grep, sed, and AWK utilities of UNIX, among other influences.
Although it was first embraced by UNIX programmers and Systems
Administrators, in recent years, Perl has become the most popular choice
of Web developers doing CGI applications.  It runs under most modern
computer operating systems, and is freely available and unencumbered by
royalty or licensing restrictions.

What is SPUG?

The Seattle PERL Users Group is dedicated to the development of a
mutually supportive community of Perl programmers in the Seattle, WA
area, and to the professional development of the individual members. Our
primary focus is on helping each other learn more about the Perl
programming language. We keep in touch through an Email List Server,
which provides meeting reminders, job postings, and questions/answers
about Perl programming.

We hold monthly meetings (on 3rd Tuesdays) in the building housing N2H2,
Inc., in Downtown Seattle, WA, USA.

In pursuit of these goals, we strive to encourage the following types
of activities:
	* helping local Perl programmers get to know each other,
	* helping each other learn more about Perl,
	* helping each other find Perl programming contracts and jobs,
	* discussing the ways in which the SPUG meetings can better
		serve the membership,
	* encouraging SPUG members to take active roles in SPUG for our
		collective benefit.

We operate as a kind of Educational Cooperative, by taking turns telling
each other what we've learned about Perl.

Our meetings are open to the general public, and Perl programmers of
all levels are welcome.

What is E-SPUG?

Eastside-SPUG is a new project being led by Ryan Erwin (ryan at erwin.org)
to explore the creation of a SPUG chapter that meets on the East-side of
Lake Washington.  That body of water presents a formidable obstacle to
vehicular traffic, and its congested bridges have discouraged many Perl
enthusiasts from attending the regular SPUG meetings.  (SPUG meets in
downtown Seattle, on the West side of Lake Washington).  Anyone interested
in helping establish E-SPUG, in speaking at an E-SPUG meeting, or in
attending an E-SPUG meeting, please get in touch with Ryan.

RECRUITERS PLEASE NOTE: Although we are happy to help recruiters and
contract programmers find each other, we recommend that recruiters
provide information about job openings via Email, rather than by coming
to meetings.

(Although we find the technical discussions fascinating, some recruiters
have found them to be unendurably dreary.)

Location and Time

The official meeting is on 3rd Tuesdays from 7-9pm, followed by an
optional meeting over adult beverages at a nearby facility.

Our new regular meeting place for the Y2K is in the building housing
N2H2, Inc., the Union Bank of California building, between 4th and 5th
and Marion and Madison in downtown Seattle.

We'll be meeting in the first-floor conference room - more details coming
soon (as of 1/5/00, this is all we know).

SPUG Mailing List!

Would you like to be notified about upcoming meetings and participate
in discussions with other local programmers, like the 200+ other Perl
enthusiasts on our mailing list?

If so, join the SPUG Mailing List by sending  a message body containing:
	subscribe  spug-list  your_address
	majordomo at pm.org

Job Offers for SPUG Members

Some of our members do contract Perl programming work, while others are
looking for full-time jobs. Accordingly, we are always interested to
hear about openings for Perl Programmers in the Seattle area!  If you
want your job opening communicated to the hundreds of Perl programmers
on our mailing list, Email a description of the job opening, including
the following details, to spug at halcyon.com:

	required skill-set
	contract or permanent position
		contract duration?
	W-2 vs. 1099 status
		any restrictions on 1099 status: Corporation, etc.?
	physical location
		telecommuting possible?
	pay range
		stock options available?
	company's product or service
		e-commerce, grocery shopping, nuclear weapons,
		pornography, etc.

SPUG officials will post announcements of such openings to our mailing
list after ensuring that all details are complete.

If you are reluctant to disclose any of these details, then you are
encouraged to post your job announcement elsewhere.  Job announcements
should not be posted directly to our mailing list.

SPUG Contact Info
	Leader: Tim Maher
	SPUG Email: spug at halcyon.com
	SPUG Web:   http://www.halcyon.com/spug/
	U.S. Mail:   SPUG, POB 70563, Seattle WA, 98107-0563 USA
	Phone: (206) 781-UNIX (8649)

Many thanks to our ISP sponsor, Winstar NorthWest Nexus,
and our meeting space sponsor, N2H2, Inc.

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