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Ryan Erwin ryan at erwin.org
Wed Jan 5 13:09:10 CST 2000

Greetings spugers-

Now is the moment some of you have been waiting for.
E-spug will meet every 4th Wednesday, at Lucent in Redmond.
That puts our first meeting on January 26th.

Lucent Technologies *
6464 185th Ave NE
Redmond, WA  98052-6736

We can all thank David Patterson <davidpa at lucent.com>
for arranging for our meeting place at lucent.

Thanks to all of those who mailed me last time to show
your interest.  I would appreciate it if those who are planning
to attend would mail me Ryan Erwin <ryan at erwin.org>
so I have an idea of how many people to expect.  Also,
topic suggestions are welcome, and anyone volunteering
to talk about something is especially welcome!

Need Directions?  http://www.mapquest.com/


Ryan [ryan at erwin.org]

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