SPUG: Editor for perl on Win98

Doug Beaver dougb at scalar.org
Wed Apr 12 10:24:50 CDT 2000

On Wed, Apr 12, 2000 at 08:05:28AM -0700, Mathew Watson wrote:
> I put together some perl code on a linux system using Emacs and vi.
> Now I want to play with it on Win 98, but I dislike any of the MS
> editors. Which editor should I use if I want
> - auto indenting based on syntax,
> - syntax based color highlighting,
> - not too demanding on the OS (Win 98 makes me nervous), and
> - free or low cost (like $20 or something).
> Besides those features it would be nice if it
> - also runs on Linux
> - also handles C gracefully, and
> - can run perl code in a separate window (and debug it).

If you used emacs and vi on your linux box, why not use it on your
windows box as well?



emacs supports the features you are looking for and vim can do
everything but running your perl code in a separate window and debugging
it.  I use vim when I write my code and I use emacs for comparing cvs
diffs (the ediff feature highlights the diffs in color and lets you
easily skip around from block to block of changed code) and debugging C
code.  emacs's gdb mode rocks.

I use vim for hacking code because you can embed a perl interpreter in
it; it gives you the ability to use perl regexes when doing a search and
replace and there's also a simple interface that lets you manipulate and
modify buffers through a perl class.  Using the class, you can write
custom code formatting functions (or anything else that tickles your
fancy) and run them against the entire buffer or regions of the buffer.

I would suggest that you give emacs or vim on win32 a try, you'll keep
your sanity because then you can use the same text editor and unix and
windows and you won't have to learn a bunch of new commands and remember
which text editor you're in.

Just my opinion, but I would be lost without both emacs and vim.  And
there are a lot more text editors out there besides those two as well.


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