SPUG: Editor for perl on Win98

Mathew Watson matw at halcyon.com
Wed Apr 12 10:05:28 CDT 2000

I put together some perl code on a linux system using Emacs and vi.
Now I want to play with it on Win 98, but I dislike any of the MS
editors. Which editor should I use if I want
- auto indenting based on syntax,
- syntax based color highlighting,
- not too demanding on the OS (Win 98 makes me nervous), and
- free or low cost (like $20 or something).
Besides those features it would be nice if it
- also runs on Linux
- also handles C gracefully, and
- can run perl code in a separate window (and debug it).

Related to my editor question ... I installed perl on the 98 box and
any *.pl file has a little icon associated with it. Whenever I double
click on such an icon, an MSDOS window flashes by. What I really want
is to have the text editor open the file so I can read it. How do I
accomplish that without breaking my ability to run perl from an
editor or MSDOS window? Right now if I go to 'File Types' theres a
command associated with 'open', C:\Perl\bin\Perl.exe "%1" %*. Can I
just replace the executable name?


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