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Sounds like a plan, Tony. I'll have a look over EUMM (hope I pass my sanity
roll on that one, I can't afford to lose any more points).


Hi Gavin, what we discussed at the Perl 20th beano was that we'd do a
preliminary recce to see what needed doing and then divide it up into
writing tests, writing docs and running the tests on different platforms, so
I guess it's worth waiting to see what the intrepid code explorers report
back. There will definitely be something for everyone to do. Tom is the Perl
testing guru round here so we'll follow his pointers and hopefully all learn
a lot.


The test file for Apache2::AuthCookieDBI is a non-test, as Tony said, and
thus a good candidate for improvement.

The related test for Apache::AuthCookieDBI is better:

I'd normally expect to see tests in a 't' sub-directory accessible by 'make
test' from Makefile.PL, e.g. the suite for DBI which uses Test::Simple. But I'm
jumping the gun here :-)

Regards, Peter

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On 20/12/2007 10:33, Edwardson, Tony wrote: 

As discussed the other night, we probably want to check out the 4 modules to
see :-

*	What testing already exists
*	What the testing coverage is like
*	What needs to be done
*	How hard it is likely to be


Tom has volunteered to do this for Log::Dispatch, I'll investigate
Apache2::AuthCookieDBI, so can I suggest that Olie looks at
Perl::Metrics::Simple and Peter looks at ExtUtils::MakeMaker.

How about the three of us who are learning?  Should we each hook up with one
of yourselves?

A quick look at Apache2::AuthCookieDBI reveals a very complicated test suite
as follows :-


BEGIN { $| = 1; print "1..1\n"; }

END {print "not ok 1\n" unless $loaded;}

# use Apache::AuthCookieDBI; # commented; can't really run this without

$loaded = 1;

print "ok 1\n";


and that is it !

Ok, I don't get the first line, and the second one looks out of place (but a
quick google confirmed what I thought that it would get run at the end of
the procedure), but from what I can see this will always print "ok 1"?


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