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All we are doing at the moment is finding out what the state of each module
is - that is probably best done by the more experienced guys for the very
reason that the code listed below doesn't actually test anything


For the record


The first line is a BEGIN block which get's performed before anything else 

$| = 1;

Sets up autoflushing whenever you output something to stderr (i.e. stops it
buffering output)

print "1..1\n"; 

prints out 1..1 to stdout which is expected by the test harness and means
run 1 test out of a total of 1 


Surprisingly END { .... } is the converse of a BEGIN block and gets executed
after everything else

It will print out "not ok 1" is the variable $loaded is not a true value
(which it always wil be because it is set to 1 explicitly - so the END block
will never do anything

Next it prints "ok 1" which tells Test::Harness that test 1 worked although
iot never actually runs any tests



So, basically, this is a stub-with no tests defined and just outputs enough
to keep Test::Harness quiet





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On 20/12/2007 10:33, Edwardson, Tony wrote: 

As discussed the other night, we probably want to check out the 4 modules to
see :-

*         What testing already exists

*         What the testing coverage is like

*         What needs to be done

*         How hard it is likely to be


Tom has volunteered to do this for Log::Dispatch, I'll investigate
Apache2::AuthCookieDBI, so can I suggest that Olie looks at
Perl::Metrics::Simple and Peter looks at ExtUtils::MakeMaker.

How about the three of us who are learning?  Should we each hook up with one
of yourselves?

A quick look at Apache2::AuthCookieDBI reveals a very complicated test suite
as follows :-


BEGIN { $| = 1; print "1..1\n"; }

END {print "not ok 1\n" unless $loaded;}

# use Apache::AuthCookieDBI; # commented; can't really run this without

$loaded = 1;

print "ok 1\n";


and that is it !

Ok, I don't get the first line, and the second one looks out of place (but a
quick google confirmed what I thought that it would get run at the end of
the procedure), but from what I can see this will always print "ok 1"?


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