[Chicago-talk] Who can scan the camel?

JT Smith jt at plainblack.com
Sat Mar 25 21:30:09 PST 2006

If you can't get permission to use the O'Reilly camel, you are more than welcome to use 
the camel that we had commisioned for one of our t-shirt designs:


We have it in EPS form, so it would work good for whatever printing jobs you need. The 
rest of our stuff could be easily removed from this camel.

We own the copyright 100% so no legal issues. Let me know.

On Sat, 25 Mar 2006 20:21:09 -0800
  zrusilla at mac.com wrote:
> We're working on YAPC t-shirt designs, for which we need The Camel.    
> Anyone here got a good scanner, a Camel book and a few moments to scan 
> and email me the cover?
> Thanks,
> Liz
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