[Chicago-talk] Who can scan the camel?

Jim Thomason jim at jimandkoka.com
Sat Mar 25 20:52:21 PST 2006

Not to be overly lawyer-ish or anything, but you guys have gotten
O'Reilly's permission to use that camel image and put it on a shirt,

Unless there's a real hurry (of course, also unless you're trying to
fly under their radar), it might be worthwhile to email the O'Reilly
folks and see if they have a useful hi-res copy of the camel image
that they could send to you to use for the shirt.

Probably gonna be better quality and easier to use than anything we could send.


PS my scanner is in the other room, but my camel book is at the
office, so I have no image to contribute regardless.

On 3/25/06, zrusilla at mac.com <zrusilla at mac.com> wrote:
> We're working on YAPC t-shirt designs, for which we need The Camel.
> Anyone here got a good scanner, a Camel book and a few moments to scan
> and email me the cover?
> Thanks,
> Liz
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