[Chicago-talk] my $self = shift; return $self if not wantarray; #of contractors

tiger peng tigerpeng2001 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 18 15:56:56 PST 2005

Hi Perl guys,

my $self return to the job market from the 'C' too.

I have 9 years IT experience (5 years at Chicago in
marketing and financial industry with heavily using
Perl/ksh for Data Warehouse).

I am looking for Perl, Shell Scripts and/or data
warehouse jobs. 
If any of you know a good position, I'd be happy to
send my complete resume to you.

Thanks in advance,
Ge Peng

--- Imran Javaid <ijavaid at usa.net> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I am new to this user group and new to Chicago too
> and just wanted to let
> myself be known here. I've been using Perl for over
> 9 years now so am quite
> well versed in it. I'd love to be active in the user
> group community with
> whatever projects you have going on.
> I've been working at a (notorious) investment firm
> in downtown (starts with
> the letter C, yeah, you know which one) for the past
> 3 months on a contract
> basis. My contract will be ending sooner than I
> thought (eh, like tomorrow) so
> am in the market for something new. If any of you
> know of any Perl or C++
> jobs, I'd love to know about it. Here is my
> introduction from my resume:
> "I am looking for a position as a software engineer
> where I can use my broad
> and extensive experience as a web, application, ETL
> developer, and as a
> quality assurance engineer. I am proficient in Perl
> and C/C++ and would like
> to find a position where I can utilize those skills
> as well as hone my skills
> in Java and other languages. I would also like to
> expand my career by taking
> on a project lead or managerial role."
> If any of you know a good position, I'd be happy to
> forward my complete resume
> to you.
> Thanks,
> Imran Javaid
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