[Chicago-talk] Sort of New to Perl

Adam adam at jamradar.com
Thu Nov 17 19:46:24 PST 2005

Hi, I just joined the mailing list and want to introduce myself.  Some of
you may have seen me on Perlmonks under the username "awohld".

I live in Saint Charles and have been programming Perl for about 10 months.
I work for a communications company and have been making Perl programs in my
free time to make job easer for me and my coworkers.  I've spent a lot of
time reading books on Java and C++, but Perl, by far, came in the most
useful for what I need and like to do.

Lately I've been building web spiders to mine internal company data and
create custom reports and tools.  There's a lot of automation that can be
done for my job; some people spend an hour a day running reports that Perl
can automate.

The modules I've been using heavily are DBI, DBD::CSV, DBD::MySQL,
WWW::Mechanize, LWP, CGI, and HTML::TokeParser.

I'd really like to expand my knowledge of Perl and see myself using it for a
long time to come.  I'd like to show up to some of the meetings and learn
some more Perl stuff; specifically spidering, web apps, database stuff, and
I really need to learn all about data structures.  Accessing and
manipulating arrays of hashes and that sort of stuff always tripps me up.


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